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Welcome to Pin Oak HRC Website

Pin Oak Hunting Retriever Club is a 70+ member hunting retriever training club. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas. We hold organized training days on the second Saturday of the month, from February to September. Please see the Events page for meetings, training days and other events. Whether you are an experienced trainer or a first time dog owner, Pin Oak is the club for you.

To All Pin Oak Members,

 Have you been on Facebook lately, looked at our Pin Oak page or the Pepper’s Pond page?  You should, because people are singing the praises about your club.  They are raving about what a fantastic job you did in putting on our 4th Annual SRS Arkansas Retriever Challenge.

 The effort started way before setup day last Thursday.  Hats off to those people who contacted sponsors for cash and prizes, securing Crain Auto Team to be a “presenting” sponsor so this could go Livestream.  By the way, have you watched any of it?  You still can.  New member Patrick Beauvais worked his magic to get us all kinds of good stuff.  The K-2 cooler we raffled off Friday night raised over $650.  That boy was everywhere.  Hauling brush, flying a drone, setting up hides, smoozing with the TV talent or whatever needed to be done.  Maverick Dunn got us a great looking “Overall Winner” trophy with some very nice engraving.  How about Doug and Sonya Bush, along with Jo Burson as the RAFFLE KING and QUEENS.  They sold over 90 tickets at the event…WOW!!

 How about those who gave up part of their Memorial Day Weekend to come out and cut grass and clean up the area or those who helped put up our new sponsor’s sign?  Then once we showed up on Thursday we had plenty of help setting up the tent, cutting brush for the hides and setting up our first series test.

 All that said, I always risk leaving out someone when I start handing out THANK YOU’S.  Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a shot.  If I leave your name off, well I’m terribly sorry and please don’t send me hate mail.  So here goes:

 First and foremost we have to thank Shannon Nardi for having such a unique dog game for us to participate in.  She does this out of her love of the game and the dogs.  We’ve used her SRS program to our advantage for raising funds to expand and improve Arkansas’ best and only exclusive retriever training area.  Thank you Shannon!

 Then there’s Matt Emerson who kept the dogs running, Marty Davis for making sure all the scores were kept up with.  A big thank you goes to Dana Giovannello for giving up his time to judge for 3 days.  Hey, this time he kept everyone around and they liked it.  He and Tellus set up 4 good solid tests that gave good separation between the dogs.

 THE BIG WHITE TENT – Jeff Dumboski and his team of Scott Beard and Mark Roberts (and family) kept us all well fed and watered.  The crawfish was once again a smashing success.  You just needed to stay away from Thad Simmons if you didn’t want to get crawfish boil slung in your eye.  Jessica Donahue and Sylvia Borchert kept up with the t-shirts and welcomed the handlers Friday morning with their little gift packs.  Jan Jacobs stopped by to help with the lunches.  Marks entire family came out to serve lunch to the crowd.

 Jeremy Hall and his wife Melanie kept the gallery where they were supposed to be and kept traffic under control all weekend.  Thank goodness the weather stayed reasonable so parking never became a real issue.

Alan Webb and Vaughn McQuary were there from can-to-can’t.  Whatever needed done they were right there all 4 days pitching in.  Then there’s Rick Schroder, Stan Brown, Jimmy Brown (no relation), Dickie Edmund, President Matt Guenther, Harold Grimmett, Sawyer Hall, Nathan Brent, Blake and Beth Crawford, John Borchert, Chris deBin and his son, and last but not least - David Rogers.  David became a member of the “Bitter End Club” by being one of the very last people to leave on Sunday…about 8:30.

 Finally we should thank all the handlers and their dogs for attending.  We had 68 quality entries.  Congrats to Clark Kennington and Trigger for winning the Pro Division and Leo Joseph III and Hope for winning the AM division.

 Shannon will be at the meeting tomorrow night with a few unsold t-shirts as well as some CREW shirts that apparently some of you did not pick-up this past weekend.  Please make a point to attend the meeting and get your shirts.

 We found a rain top if anyone is missing one.

 Sorry I will not be able to attend tomorrow’s club meeting.  I will be in St. Louis attending our annual HRC National Meeting.  When I say thank you for your efforts, I really mean it.  We did GREAT and all those who came to run their dogs left happy.  Remember this is all to get us 8-9 more acres of training area and other improvements at the training grounds. 

 Thanks again for making this a great event,

  Larry Mc

Larry McMurry 
Field Rep - Region 9 
Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. 
17510 Crystal Valley Rd. 
Little Rock, AR  72210 


Who Are We

Our members are dedicated to the principle use of retrievers as conservation tools and the betterment of retrieving breeds through selective breeding and training programs. Individually and as a team, we are committed to improve each retriever and bring about their maximum potential. Join us and work to bring your hunting companion to greater success.

The Pin Oak Hunting Retriever Club is a family oriented organization founded by hunting enthusiasts affiliated with Hunting Retriever Club Inc (HRC).  Our members are engaged in raising, training and testing hunting retrievers. Our goal is to promote and encourage hunting with a trained hunting retriever. This not only improves the hunting breeds but also promotes conservation of waterfowl and upland game birds. You’ll find our dogs at events such as the HRC International Grand and Super Retriever Series as well at local club events all over the US and Canada. Our members are committed to taking their retrievers to the next step. We also have fun hunts, club shoots, parties and other social events for our members and their families.

We are 1 of 132 Hunting Retriever Clubs located throughout the United States and Canada. Our dogs are registered with the United Kennel Club and attain points towards the Started Hunter, Hunting Retriever, Hunting Retriever Champion, Upland Hunter and the Grand Hunting Retriever Champion Titles. 

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